Avalon AD2022
Product Overview:

AD2022 - Dual Mono Pure Class A Preamplifier

"The AD2022 is the most powerful preamp I have ever used. I use it on everything: Mics, keyboards, sound modules, synths, guitars and bass. I have never heard a bass sound so controlled and big... Amazing!" - Devin P., CA

"Lowering the input impedance on the AD2022 for recording electric guitars using an SM57 mic, gave me a low mid-range presence that was unbelievable!" 
- John B., CA

"I have recently been recording Alanis M. with the AD2022. I don't need to use EQ or compression on the way in. Just the AKG C12 through the AD2022 and straight to tape. I've been completely blown away! It is perfectly balanced and crystal clear with ultra fast transients in the low end. Amazing detail! Alanis immediately noticed a difference in her headphones when we first plugged the AD2022 in. Thank you very much. It's the best mic pre I have ever heard." 
- Rob J., CA

The AD2022 is Avalon's fourth generation of fully discrete, symmetrical Pure Class A microphone preamplifiers. The dual mono AD2022 includes the original sonic capabilities and transparency of the M2, M22 and M5 preamplifiers plus several additional features, including selectable microphone source loading for optimized cable/mic matching, improved high-voltage Class A regulated power supplies, two high Z instrument inputs, variable-passive high pass filter, quality/silver wiring and doubled plated circuit boards for superior low level signal transfer. 

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