TEAM Solutions


System Design:

Be it a recording studio, a control room, ON-Air Studio, Auditorium, discotheque, club, theatre, restaurant or bar  - our experience is second to none.



We have an accomplished team of engineers whose mission-driven expertise will assist to provide solutions  no matter it be architectural, acoustical, noise, vibration, Theatrical lighting, theatrical sound, audio, video and sound system customized and optimized for the required environment or venue.


Integration & Installation

We pride ourselves with a team of Pro Audio specialists  who engineer audio, lighting, and technical systems providing the best hands-on solutions for any installation size.


Technical  & IT Support

Our independent Technical and IT directors with broad-base product knowledge and applications work closely with architects, facility managers, consultants offering a myriad of bespoke solutions and specify the appropriate technology to ensure proper installation and operation.



Our team of product specialists go that extra mile to offer hands-on demonstration and training. Understanding the core fundamentals specifics in order to fully maximize its applications.


Servicing: Onsite & Our Workshop

Equipped with a comprehensive range of Test & measurement tools under the hands of our skilled staff, we confidently provide support and service for all the brands in our stable…


Knowledge Hub

Our hub exchange offers answers all “un-answered” questions by internationally famed industry experts and veterans through our education experience  which includes workshops, boot camps, clinics and seminars.  An in-house educational forum that will provide you with fresh, thought-provoking, real-world technical insight into current issues, trends and solutions.