Registered Government Supplier


          We are a Registered Government Supplier since 1989.

         Category Code / Description / Financial Grade
         EPU/AVP/10 - Audio Visual, Photographic & Optical Products - up to S$10,000,000.00 (S8)
          EPU/CMP/10 - Computer Hardware and Software Products - up to S$10,000,000.00 (S8)

          We are also registered with the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) under the following headings:

          Category Code / Description / Financial Grade
          CR06 - Interior Decoration & Finishing Works - up to S$5,000,000.00
          ME04 - Communication & Security Systems - up to S$500,000.00
          SY06 - Electrical & Electronic Material Products - up to S$5,000,000.00



Certification by WSH Council