Funktion-One AX88
Product Overview:

Passive Mid-High for a wide range of applications

The AX88 is an extremely useful 2 way passive mid-high loudspeaker with a 60° by 55° dispersion.  It provides a cost effective, high quality solution for many diverse and demanding audio applications including Arena, Stadia, Theatrical and Entertainment installations.  Its high efficiency, wide frequency range and low distortion delivers particularly clear and intelligible speech.  AX88s are often selected for acoustically challenging environments such as Ice Arenas and other large hard surfaced venues where their controlled dispersion keeps reflections to a minimum.  With the addition of Funktion One bass products like the F215, F118 or F121; AX88s can also be used as a highly effective music system.

Existing clients include Kojice Steel Arena in Slovakia, Ipswich Football Club in the UK and the renowned Cielo Club in New York.



  • Controlled and even dispersion
  • Funktion One designed drivers
  • Includes stainless steel mounting yoke
  • Weather-resistant version available
  • 100V line and fire retardant versions available
  • Optional scrim for discrete appearance
  • Additional metalwork available to fly coherent clusters
  • AX88E version available in wooden enclosure

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