The Team


Team Talent - our forte, each TEAM member qualified and equipped with "hands on experience" acquired during their past employment with international companies serving the Asia-Pacific region, UK and USA.

Team Resources, a syndicated support from consultants and associates in Asia Pacific, Japan , Germany, UK and USA to amalgamate expertise, proven products and customised electronics. This international network of creative talents and advance engineering expertise within TEAM RESOURCES has enabled projects that are original in concepts and successful in investment returns.

Team 108 was incorporated in 1985. With over 30 years of experience, the engineering expertise services now has matured into a multi-faceted engineering and design company. Our project list covers commercial enterprises, government and institutional clients from various cities in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, FIJI, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Phillippines, Papua New Guinea, Thailand , USA , UK and Vietnam.


The Philosophy

•To effectively provide a service vested with the responsibility of making the client's investment a viable one

•To consolidate the best, without any prejudice to products or services outside TEAM RESOURCES

•To honour with committed service support covering all stages beyond warranty period