30 years on since 1984 and yet the passion of pioneering cutting edge technology is still very much alive in our DNA which was stamped out from users & investors' perspective. Be it, Broadcast Recording Touring Live or Dance Clubs Acoustics Technology. We have  'put our money where our mouth is’ to break down walls of doubts & fears of untried territories in over 30 cities.


As always, we are known to be 10 years too early for our market needs. Our untiring quest in overcoming challenges or our rebellious fire to continue seeking knowledge, technology relevant products and internationally accredited associates from all facets in the industry are our strength.


With this inexhaustible light of inspiration, breakthrough knowledge guidance and wealth of experience from our established network of award winning resources  completed with in-house technical support, WE undertake with full confidence in our commitment to deliver fruitful, innovative and most importantly – viable ROI for our customers.