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  • See Details Countryman ISOMAX 4RF
    Countryman ISOMAX 4RF

    The ISOMAX 4RF's unique Active Vibration Isolation detects and subtracts vibration from the signal while its tightly-controlled pickup pattern ensures voice quality and reduces feedback

  • See Details Countryman i2 Instrument Mic
    Countryman i2 Instrument Mic

    The I2 Instrument Microphone combines smooth frequency response, low noise, and precise polar patterns with deep nulls: perfect for capturing the full character of instruments

  • See Details Countryman ISOMAX 2-H
    Countryman ISOMAX 2-H

    lSOMAX 2-H Audience and Choir Microphone is a very small, full response condenser microphone for hanging over choirs, orchestras, stages, and audiences

  • See Details Countryman EMW Omni
    Countryman EMW Omni

    Perfect underwater or under clothes, the EMW handles handling noise and tackles tough environments

  • See Details Countryman B6 Omni
    Countryman B6 Omni

    The smallest lavalier in the world, exceptional performance that hides anywhere

  • See Details Countryman B3 Omni
    Countryman B3 Omni

    Exceptional audio quality, low handling noise, extreme water-resistance, and unreasonable durability.

  • See Details Countryman B2D
    Countryman B2D

    The smallest directional lavalier in the world, the B2D shuts out ambient noise and opens up possibilities.

  • See Details Countryman ISOMAX Headset
    Countryman ISOMAX Headset

    One of the best-sounding headset mics of all time, our ISOMAX Headset Mic holds securely and zeroes in on the source, capturing warmth and rejecting unwanted sounds.

  • See Details Countryman H6 Series
    Countryman H6 Series

    The lowest profile headset microphone in the world, combining pure sound quality and water-resistance with a comfortable, easily adjustable headframe.

  • See Details Countryman E6 Series
    Countryman E6 Series

    The world's favorite earset. The low-profile E6 provides natural sound with exceptional isolation from noise and feedback.