GENELEC - Installation Speakers


An outstanding space deserves quality audio. Genelec offers you a comprehensive range of products, which are specifically designed for many different types of commercial and professional indoor installations. These installation speakers are not just powerful, accurate, compact and beautifully designed, they are also extremely easy to install.

Are you considering improving the audio quality in a restaurant, a conference room or a commercial space? We at Genelec have applied our thirty-five years of experience and passion in audio monitoring to bring you the Genelec 4000 and Architectural Series product. They reveal some outstanding features:

Our integrated speaker design incorporates the power amplifiers inside the enclosure, thus eliminating the need for external amplifiers.
Genelec installation speakers are made of recycled aluminium, creating a solid cabinet structure leading to a flawless, clear and precise sound. The audio experience is equally enjoyable at high and low level.
With practical room response controls, you can easily tailor the sound for all types of interiors and even acoustically demanding spaces.
All Genelec installation speakers are individually calibrated in our factory so that every unit sounds exactly the same.
Installation of Genelec systems is extremely easy. Our extensive selection of accessories provides you numerous mounting options.
The subtle and minimalistic design of Genelec installation speakers blends beautifully with many different types of interiors.
Genelec installation speakers are reliable and long-lasting investments. They are maintenance-free and made to last for decades.

4000 Series for public and commercial environments

The Genelec 4000 Series installation speakers are powerful two-way systems offering ideal solutions for indoor installations. They can be installed into cafes, restaurants, museums, commercial spaces, large auditoriums, and acoustically demanding spaces like churches or temples. They can also be complemented with a number of Genelec subwoofer systems.

Architectural Series for in-wall and in-ceiling installations

Genelec’s Architectural Series is your choice when you want to install loudspeakers into a wall or into a ceiling. You can paint them over to match a wall or ceiling colour. These installation speakers are suitable for both large commercial spaces and dedicated home theatres. The Genelec active in-wall subwoofer solution features a vibration-free wall mounting technology.

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