THE CLEAREST SOUND you will ever experience.

Over thirty-five years ago, Carl Countryman started crafting custom gear for touring rock bands and performers. Today, the family business is an industry-leading manufacturer of legendary direct boxes and ultra-miniature microphones, with the same goal of serving audio professionals all over the world with personal attention and exceptional quality. Their wide range of direct boxes and highly customizeable earsets, lavaliers, instrument, hanging, and podium microphones are all designed, manufactured, and rigorously tested at their office in Menlo Park, California.

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  • See Details Countryman DT85
    Countryman DT85

    The legendary Type 85 is hand-built for extreme performance, low noise, and low distortion.

  • See Details Counryman DT85S
    Counryman DT85S

    The Type 85S is a two-channel version of the classic Type 85 FET Direct Box, with several input connector options, a huge dynamic range, and three pad settings.

  • See Details Countryman DT10
    Countryman DT10

    Type 10 DI Box combines exceptional ruggedness and versatility with an advanced design that sets a new standard for pure performance.

  • See Details Countryman DT10S
    Countryman DT10S

    Two channels of industry-leading technical performance, built tough and packed with new features.

  • See Details Countryman E6 Series
    Countryman E6 Series

    The world's favorite earset. The low-profile E6 provides natural sound with exceptional isolation from noise and feedback.

  • See Details Countryman H6 Series
    Countryman H6 Series

    The lowest profile headset microphone in the world, combining pure sound quality and water-resistance with a comfortable, easily adjustable headframe.

  • See Details Countryman B6 Omni
    Countryman B6 Omni

    The smallest lavalier in the world, exceptional performance that hides anywhere

  • See Details Countryman B3 Omni
    Countryman B3 Omni

    Exceptional audio quality, low handling noise, extreme water-resistance, and unreasonable durability.

  • See Details Countryman B2D
    Countryman B2D

    The smallest directional lavalier in the world, the B2D shuts out ambient noise and opens up possibilities.

  • See Details Countryman i2 Instrument Mic
    Countryman i2 Instrument Mic

    The I2 Instrument Microphone combines smooth frequency response, low noise, and precise polar patterns with deep nulls: perfect for capturing the full character of instruments

  • See Details Countryman ISOMAX Headset
    Countryman ISOMAX Headset

    One of the best-sounding headset mics of all time, our ISOMAX Headset Mic holds securely and zeroes in on the source, capturing warmth and rejecting unwanted sounds.

  • See Details Countryman ISOMAX 2
    Countryman ISOMAX 2

    The ISOMAX 2 "All Purpose Microphone" has true frequency-independent pattern control and precise response to capture strings, wind, brass and percussion beautifully while easily rejecting ambient soun...