MOGAMI cable products are mostly comprised of major products designed by current President of Mogami Wire & Cable Corp., Koichi Hirabayashi, as a result of his own inventions, compromises and rediscoveries of past great works done by many predecessors step by step for 49 years of his career while being tossed about with economic strife, who could achieve deeper understanding of science and practical production technologies being affected by many attractive and emotionally impressive scientists such as Richard P. Feynman in a country called Japan where manufacturing industries have rapidly developed, depending heavily on the huge and flourishing American market and technologies introduced after World War II when the industrial world was greatly developed in so-called Western Countries, being supported by rapidly developing technology in electronics and petroleum chemical industries.

These products not found in standardized goods may certainly embody a side of the present condition of Japanese manufacturing industries, because there are now few items from Japan which are still competitive in the world market after 2000.

Most of the products are centered around the professional audio, video and digital interface market, such as recording studios, broadcast stations, theatres, halls etc.  The basic design idea puts importance on sound quality for audio applications and on economy for other applications.  There are some items which are available only from MOGAMI, and a common design idea through the whole line lies in the flexibility of the cable, considering handiness and efficiency for wiring and installation. 

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