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  • See Details 7073A Studio Subwoofer
    7073A Studio Subwoofer

    The Genelec 7073A studio subwoofer is a powerful and precise low frequency reproduction tool for large multichannel and stereo audio systems.

  • See Details 7071A Studio Subwoofer
    7071A Studio Subwoofer

    The high power Genelec 7071A studio subwoofer is an outstanding low frequency tool for large professional stereo and multichannel audio systems.

  • See Details 7070A Studio Subwoofer
    7070A Studio Subwoofer

    Genelec 7070A studio subwoofer is a versatile and accurate low frequency tool for all professional stereo and multichannel audio systems.

  • See Details 7060B Studio Subwoofer
    7060B Studio Subwoofer

    Genelec 7060B studio subwoofer is powerful and precise bass monitoring tool for modern multichannel 5.1 or 6.1 or conventional stereo systems.

  • See Details 7040A Studio Subwoofer
    7040A Studio Subwoofer

    The ultra-compact Genelec 7040A studio subwoofer is designed to provide accurate low frequency reproduction in limited production spaces.

  • See Details 8050B Studio Monitor
    8050B Studio Monitor

    Producing high SPL over a very wide frequency response, the 8050B studio monitor is a powerful and very accurate reference monitoring system.

  • See Details 8040B Studio Monitor
    8040B Studio Monitor

    Boasting astonishing performance, the 8040B studio monitor is ideal for use in all types of audio and video production environments.

  • See Details 8030B Studio Monitor
    8030B Studio Monitor

    The Genelec 8030B studio monitor is a powerful monitor ideal for a wide range of applications and listening environments.

  • See Details 8020C Studio Monitor
    8020C Studio Monitor

    The small Genelec 8020C studio monitor is designed to achieve accurate monitoring in all types of listening environments, particularly where space is at premium.

  • See Details 8010A Studio Monitor
    8010A Studio Monitor

    The extremely compact Genelec 8010A studio monitor allows professionals to work in small studios and on the move with an accurate monitoring tool.

  • See Details 7271A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer
    7271A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

    Genelec 7271A SAM™ studio subwoofer is a powerful low frequency monitoring solution using AutoCal™ and GLM™ technologies.

  • See Details 7270A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer
    7270A SAM™ Studio Subwoofer

    Genelec 7270A SAM™ studio subwoofer brings the flexibility and accuracy of auto-calibration to an entirely new level using AutoCal™ and GLM™ technologies.